Welding & Refrigeration Training 程式 at 休斯顿

At the 塔尔萨 Welding School & Technology Center in 得克萨斯州休斯敦, students can receive training as a Welding Specialist, Welding Specialist with Pipefitting or HVAC & refrigeration technician. Located in the heart of Texas, Houston is America’s fourth-largest city, offering students a metropolitan atmosphere featuring both Southern hospitality and urban chic character. Situated just East of I-45 and just North of Beltway 8/Sam 休斯顿 Parkway, the campus is conveniently located to serve surrounding cities, including Baytown, Pasadena and Sugar Land.


地址: 243A Greens Rd.
休斯顿, TX 77060 (Get Directions)

电话: (855) 237-7711

Hours of Operation:

  • 周一至周四: 9AM to 7:30PM
  • 周五: 上午9点至下午5点
  • SAT: 上午9时 - 下午1点
  • 太阳: 关闭

Training 程式 at the 得克萨斯州休斯敦 Campus

Welding Specialist
7 个月

焊接专家程序准备用于结构,管和管道,以及薄合金焊接初级职位的毕业生。关键焊接工艺包括SMAW(棒),GMAW / FCAW(MIG / fluxcore)和GTAW(TIG)焊接程序。学生学习焊接安全,气割过程中,适当的弧焊设备安装,重要的焊接控制技术,基本的焊接工艺和焊接基本冶金。这种激烈的程序主要是基于实验室和重点发展的关键焊接技术。


Welding Specialist with Pipefitting
9.5 个月



Refrigeration Technologies
7 个月

Our curriculum puts a heavy focus on hands-on refrigeration & HVAC training. Students also learn the fundamentals of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, climate control and refrigeration technologies (HVACR).


A Day in the Life of a TWS Graduate

Ryan Cinecio, from Fort Worth, TX, enrolled at 塔尔萨 Welding School straight out of high school. He graduated in February 2013. Immediately after graduation, Ryan applied for a job at a gas plant in Colorado. He drove out there, passed a welding test and got the job. Learn more about Ryan’s story.